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Hi all,

I have an opportunity to get a 2nd hand CO2 system with a 10 lbs tank and regulator.

I have no experience with regulators or CO2 equipment. I am runnign a gtank with a milwalkee regulator (hate it) but have never looked into separate systems for purchase.

I was hoping anyone could comment on the quality of these components and if you happen to know, the approximate price/value. The guy is asking for $175 for the full kit with tank, regulator, solenoid, tubes, bubble counter, and full 10 lb tank.

Here is what he sent me for details:

The regulator is north american dispense systems its double stage(Made in USA)
Parker Solenoid
JBJ Bubble Counter

Any comments or opinions would help. I don't want to drop almost $200 if the equipment is not good quality.

Thanks a lot!

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Full 10lb tank is close to $100 alone.

Like FHF said, get more info on the regulator. If it's really a dual stage regulator (some people call regulators with high and low side dual stage but they are incorrect) then it's probably worth at least $35 - $50.

Parker makes some great stuff but a parker solenoid can still be good or bad. If it's a good one then it could be very valuable.

JBJ Bubble counter is worthless (maybe $5).

Connectors will be worth at least another $20-$30.

Is the equipment brass, chrome plated or nickle plated brass, or stainless steel? Doesn't really matter but can affect the value of the setup by ~$100 for resale. Chances are it's brass or a combination since the price is pretty low.

Is the tank steel or aluminum. Doesn't matter but does affect value of purchase. Aluminum adds ~$20 in value for resale.

Also ask what needle/metering valve it has. This will greatly affect the value.

As is, $175 sounds like a decent price if you're in desperate need (sounds like you're not). If you're not desperate then hold out for more info. This could be a great buy or just an OK one.
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