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Co2 diffuser

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Im in the process of making a DIY co2 sugar/yeast system. What kind of diffuser should I get? I heard some diffusers don't work without pressurized co2. Also should I buy a bubble counter or just make one? Thanks for your expertise e
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There's a 10ml syringe at walgreens that comes with a little rubber cone-shaped thing (I'm being very technical here...) that you're supposed to stick inside of medicine bottles to help you use the syringe to draw out the correct dose.

It works really well as a bubble counter.

1. Pull the plunger out of the syringe.
2. Attach some tubing and a check valve to the syringe pointy end
3. Fill syringe with water halfway
4. Stuff the cone-shaped thing into the bottom of the syringe and attach the outgoing tubing to it using a male/male connector (found in any pet store airline connector kit).
5. You're done!

I built one of these yesterday as I was prototyping my DIY CO2 reactor (not working yet, but getting there!).

Here's another writeup with pictures about the syringe thing someone did.
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As for a diffuser... I don't have any practical experience yet, sorry. I had a Hagen ladder, but a lot of bubbles escaped.
For price, eBay still can't be beat for co2 glassware.
I saw the cheap stuff there but do they work on DIY set ups?
I use the Hagen mini underwater power filter to diffuse my C02 and it works great. It costs around $8 online and there is a simple "how to" on you tube...check it out
Is this on a DIY system?
Yep, i run it on my 10 gallon with 2x 2lts bottles
Is this on a DIY system?
I use glass diffuser and hagen mini elite filter.
place hagen mini filteron top of glass diffuser. the filter sucks the bubbles from co2 glass diffuser and you get double diffusion.

Filter cost $8 in amazon. $14 in petco.
Hey HERNS, can u give me the details. Maybe some pics. That might be what I'm looking for.

^ this and then place a glass diffuser under the filters intake. Or you could just place an airstone on the c02 tube and place it inside the filters intake following the instructions above on you tube

Google translate that site. IMO this is the best and cheapest DIY diffuser, everything can be bought at Wal-Mart for about 5 bucks.
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