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CO2 diffuser too short?

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1. I’ve seen others with diffusers placed lower in the tank. Will the CO2 reach the surface too quickly with the one I have, or is it ok?

2. Also, is the CO2 drop checker placed correctly? I wonder if it's too close to the diffuser and may artificially increase the reading.

This is my first planted tank set up a few days ago, so please feel free to comment on anything else you notice as I have a lot to learn.


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For the diffuser, lower would be better, as it would give more time for the CO2 to dissolve into the water. However, what you have is fine too. You may need to increase the CO2 a bit to offset the amount that doesn't make it into the water.

For your drop checker, placing it on the other side of the aquarium may give a more accurate result, but in general, as long as you have sufficient circulation, it should be fine. The drop checker is an estimate of the CO2 levels anyway, so it's not too important where you place it.
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