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CO2 diffuser O2 duty

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Has anyone ever used their co2 reactor to do double duty diffusing co2 during the day and air at night?

Was just thinking, why not have two inputs into the diffuser line with co2 on during day and air pump at night. Would have to be a very small air pump.

Just wondering. Seems the device could deliver both.
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Would need a check valve on each line as well.
I would think this would be over kill. The canister filter alone should be providing enough o2 for the fishes. I do believe the purpose to have air running at night is to gas off co2 with the surface movement. But I believe that is also overkill. Sometimes I like to overkill though.
Yes Nue. Might be. Seems surface agitation varies a lot with water height in the tank. I wouldn't top it off daily even if I wasn't traveling 3 days per week. Just looking for easy insurance.

An airstone creates so many bursting bubbles that the light is always coated with residue. Would like to eliminate that without adding more devices to the tank. Utilizing one already in service seems sensible if it would work.

Yes overstock, ck valves on all lines. I expect even a small air pump to overwhelm a reactor/diffuser though. I was thinking of trying this with the jaqno that I bought from you.
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