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CO2 Diffuser for DIY

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I have been using a Fluval Ceramic 88g-CO2 Diffuser for several months now and it has been working great with my DIY co2 gen. The problem is that over time the airline tubing seems to loosen up and start leaking around where the tube meets the diffuser. I am trying to find a diffuser that as a screw tight system that locks the airline tubing down so it won't leak.

I want something that has a lock like those seen here:

search ebay for:
DIY CO2 System Kit Generator Part Bottle Cap with Tubes for Planted Aquarium F5

Those are the caps I use for my bottles and then make sure there are no leaks.

If anyone knows of a product like this I am all ears!


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No idea on that. I use a piece of chopstick that you get in the paper wrapper from Chinese take-out. Just cram about a 1/2 inch piece in the end of the air line and call it good. If you have an AquaClear put it into the intake tube and you are all set. I get a full 1.4 ph drop from my DIY this way. And nothing in the tank but one airline which is easy to hide.

By the way, is this an eye test?
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