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Hello everybody, I am in need of some help. I have a new theory as to why I have had green water problems in the past.

My first tank with green water problems
20 High
Heavily planted, although a lot of plants had BBA due to fluctuating Co2 levels (still at DIY at this point)
I had a Ray 2 DS model over this tank.
When the BBA became horrible, I began nuking the tank with H2O2, which killed some, but most of it kept growing.
At this point, I bought a pressurized Co2 system. I had it up for a couple of days, and went on vacation. I came back to a tank that was so green, I couldn't see my hardscape any more.
I soon took down the tank.

My next tank was a 20 long.
Not as heavily planted, but more demanding plants (Staurogyne Repens mainly).
This tank was doing rather good, even with Co2, and this was my first tank with EI dosing, which I started lightly and gradually increased. The water soon became green... and day by day it became greener and greener.
I also had the ray 2 over this tank. I took this tank down as well.

My next tank was my first rimless tank, a standard 10 gallon. It was also my first dirted tank, or an attempt at one. I can't remember what lights I used, but I believe it was 2x23 or 2x13 watt CFLs at 6500k. Also, once again, pressurized Co2. I probably occasionally used the ray 2 over this tank, but that was a lot of light and I knew that. Not only did I soon have green water problems with this tank, but my cap wasn't great, the plants roots began to disturb it, and dirt kept seeping into the water column. Still had a massive green water problem.

So at this point, we have 2 common factors in my green water issues.

The Finnex Ray 2 24" DS model
Pressurized Co2

Now to my final tank.

The same 10 gallon rimless, new substrate (flourite), and a completely new look. This tank was now a grow out tank. I added my pressurized Co2 and used 2x13 watt CFls in brooder lights rather than the ray 2. Soon, even with purigen, I experienced green water problems.
Well I could have seen that coming...

This is where my theory of pressurized Co2 causing the green water comes in.

I soon got tired of caring for this tank, as it was in a bad location, and just another boring... green water tank. So I took my pressurized Co2 out and stopped paying attention to it fora couple weeks.

The next time I look at it, the green water is probably 99% gone, and there is just a little tint in the water (nothing a water change couldn't fix). I was awestruck. I figured the Ray2 was giving me all my problems, but it was the Co2?

My reconverted 20 long shrimp breeding tank doesn't have co2, and is low lit, and is probably the prettiest tank I've ever had.

So does Co2 cause green water?
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