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Co2 canisters in MN?/good choice?

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this is a two fold question:

#1 does anyone know where i an get CO2 tanks/fills/swaps, etc. in Minneapolis, MN?

#2 I'm finally going to take the plunge and buy pressurized CO2 what do you think of this system:

I have a 20 gallon long 36watts of t-5 (18-6,700 /18-100,000)

heavily planted

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Poor quality check valve. Wrong kind of tubing. So-so quality on the regulator.
hey bro got mine from minneapolis oxygen supply on N 2nd st. nice place don't remember what I paid though. only had to fill it 2 times in like the past year and half

I asllo have the same kit from dr foster and smith and never had any problems
check your local beverage distributors. i get mine from coke and it runs ~$15 per exchange.
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