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This is simply DIY CO2. Costs will quickly accumulate when you take into account that you require 2 cups of sugar per bottle every 2 weeks or so.

In addition, to maintain a steady CO2 flow rate, you will likely need to stagger replacing the bottles so that you are replacing 1 every week or so. This means a lot of hassle, having to pour out the mix and then remaking it.

As killacross mentioned, 5 units will also take up a lot of space and be unattractive. It would definitely be better to get a pressurized CO2 system.

As for a sump, most people do not run one in a planted tank because of the issue of offgassing CO2. This is when they are using pressurized CO2 as well; with DIY CO2, you are looking at an even harder battle to maintain optimal CO2 levels.
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