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i have 100gal tank and was woundering wether i keep use 5 of these in my tank as a friend can give me them for nothing and was woundering wether 5 would be ok i no co2 cilanders are better but for now can i run five of these will it work cheers every one

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CO2 Stabilizer
CO2 Activator
Designed for tanks up to 20 U.S. gallons (75 l), for larger aquariums use multiple units
Affordable, safe and user friendly means of CO2 supplementation for live aquatic plants
Easy to install
Does not require constant adjustments
All natural fermentation process
Results evident in just 15 days

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it would work but you most likely wouldnt like it. 5 units plus tubing would take up A LOT of space and be unattractive...unless you put they ALL along the back wall and plant your plants so strategically and heavily that they are covered and discreet. Also, they arent particularly efficient. For a tank that size, you should buy a (cheap) CO2 reactor (from China) or build one yourself.

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This is simply DIY CO2. Costs will quickly accumulate when you take into account that you require 2 cups of sugar per bottle every 2 weeks or so.

In addition, to maintain a steady CO2 flow rate, you will likely need to stagger replacing the bottles so that you are replacing 1 every week or so. This means a lot of hassle, having to pour out the mix and then remaking it.

As killacross mentioned, 5 units will also take up a lot of space and be unattractive. It would definitely be better to get a pressurized CO2 system.

As for a sump, most people do not run one in a planted tank because of the issue of offgassing CO2. This is when they are using pressurized CO2 as well; with DIY CO2, you are looking at an even harder battle to maintain optimal CO2 levels.
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