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CO2 BPS question

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I got a regulator from Airgas today with a 5lb cylinder. I have it running to a ladder style bubble counter/diffuser. I get the BPS dialed to about 1-2 a second but after about a minute the BPS slow drastically. Does anyone know what may cause this to happen?
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Did you let the temp of the tank equalize with the temp of your house? Might be your problem.
The tank has been in the house for a few hours...should I try letting it sit longer and then try adjusting again?
Let the cylinder sit overnight, and then try adjusting your working pressure to about 15 PSI, before attempting to adjust your bubble rate via the needle valve.
Ahh..therein lies the issue. Im new to the whole CO2 bit and realized I do not have a needle valve off of the regulator. I was trying to use the adjustment in the middle of the regulator to adjust the pressure.
Those adjustment valves are next to useless and should be removed from the regulator before you attach your solenoid (if you are using one) or needle valve (if you are not using a solenoid).

You can leave it on as well, but it is just another location for potential leaks to occur.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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