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Hey all,

Doing the research to move to CO2. I want to run a fairly low bps for low growth. I would like to not break the bank, but I am willing to pay more for quality. I'm looking for as low profile as possible since it will go with desk nano, but also quality needle valve, solenoid and ideally dual-stage to prevent EOTD as much as possible. I'm thinking 20oz paintball.

Has anyone had experience with CO2 Art? General consensus seems to be good and being somewhere between Aquatek and GLA.

What do you think of the regulators on this page: Dual Stage Regulators | Two Stage CO2 Regulators |

I feel like a good option is the Pro Aquarium w/Advance Swiss Solenoid and SMC valve GBP 99, about $140 USD.

Unfortunately the one step above is sold out, though I'm not really sure how much additional benefit the custom valve and solenoid provides.

Alternatively, I'm thinking of the GLA Mini-SS Paintball

What do you all think of these options? Are there comparable ones that I should be looking into as well?
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