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We know you like aquascaping and who doesn't like to win prizes right? The UK slowly returning to normal, now is the time to bring your aquascape our of quarantine and let us see what all that extra time spent at home has done for your beloved planted tank. This is our first contest and we want you, the members of UKAPS to take part.

Put your aquascape to the test and be judged by our panel of CO2 Artist judges to be crowned the 'CO2 ART Virtuoso 2020'

To enter, simply register online today. Click here I added this to the website:

Our Judges:
Pavol Kal'unda, UK
Jeff Moitke, USA
Luis Cardoso, Portugal
Dou Mok, Canada
Charo Capelo, Spain
Samuele Gamberini, Italy

1st Placed Aquascape - Pro Elite Complete CO2 Kit
2nd Placed Aquascape - £100 CO2 ART Gift Voucher
3rd Placed Aquascape - £50 CO2 ART Gift Voucher
4th,5th,6th Placed Aquascape - £25 CO2 ART Gift Voucher

An aquarium is more than just a fish tank, it is part of your home. When placed correctly in your home, your aquarium adds a balance between nature and interior decor. To achieve this balance takes both an understanding of the needs of the aquarium and also the flow of your home. We have a special prize for the aquarium that adds the perfect balance to its home. This is optional but for the winner of this award, there will be 1 x Pro SE Complete CO2 Kit up for grabs.
Entry closes 30th June 2020

Good luck and may the best aquascaper win


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Well, have you entered yet?

We are into June now and the final day to get your entry into our first every aquascaping contest is the 31st of June.

Get your entry in now to be in with a chance to win some of our gear​

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