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Not sure why you are running CO2 while cycling, I assume you are worried about your plants?

In any case if you want it to cycle faster add a bottle of Dr. Tim's, Tetra SafeStart Bacteria or Seachem Stability.
For Bacteria growth you don't need a lot of light(3 hours at 50% is more than enough per day), CO2(low or preferably none), water changes(don't do unless you have Ammonia >2ppm) or fussing in general let the bacteria do its thing in the dark.

The plants will be fine for a week with low supply of these things. Please don't try to add Carbonates, manipulate pH, or do anything other than let things develop in a normal environment(CO2 not necessary) for 3 days you can shut off CO2 it should be fine.

Also for monitoring pH better to use API kit or a ph probe DCs are innacurate and always delayed readings from the measuring the tank water directly.
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