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Your tank water and dc water are in two isolated chambers and should not contact each other. Changing the tank’s KH should not affect the dc KH. Your situation makes me think that ether the CO2 levels are varying or the tank water is leaching into the dc. Is it possible that your CO2 has changed due to a change in surface agitation or for the hours after a water change?

As a double-check on your dc readings, try using the 1-point pH drop method, but be careful to ensure that the dKH reading is the same in the tank as it is in the sample water. When doing this it also helps to increase the accuracy of your dKH and pH readings. For dKH (assuming an API-type test), use 25ml tank water and divide the results by 5. For pH, a pen is much better than a reagent kit.

If you can run the 1-point drop test with this better accuracy, I would use that as my guide to adjusting CO2 and pushing higher than 1-point is fine with the permission of your fish. Use the dc just for general monitoring once you set your CO2.
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