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CO2 and KH

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I have a new tank that's running pressurized CO2, remineralized distilled water, and UNS Controsoil buffering substrate. I originally had it set to 5 degrees GH and 0 degrees KH due to it being prepared as a caridina tank. However, my cycle has been very slow, and I read that increasing pH would help the bacteria propagate. Today I raised the KH to 6 degrees. Normally my drop checker turns lime green following CO2 injection throughout the day. However, after raising the KH it reads a dark blue. My CO2 settings are the same. I wanted to ask if anyone had any experience with this, and if it's fine to leave my CO2 injection at the same rate, or if I should raise it until the drop checker turns again?
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Raising KH in an aqua soil tank is generally something you don't want to do. The soil itself is designed to keep a low to zero KH. I see adding carbonates to a soil tank like adding a humidifier to a room you've installed a dehumidifier in. Aqua soils have a finite lifespan that is accelerated by how much carbonates they have to absorb, which is why most of us using it use RO water with only GH boosted. Add to that, the bacteria you are trying to colonize adapt to water parameters just like fish do. It's my understanding that you want to culture these in the water parameters the tank will ultimately have, as @Econde said. Probably no harm in what you've done, but I would let the soil do its job and drop it back down. You can only rush cycling a tank so much and by changing the parameters and then changing them back, it's probably only serving to make your cycle take longer.
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