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CO2 and Fish

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What are toxic levels of CO2 and how can you measure them? Is it ok to have higher than normal CO2 levels for a plants only setup? I hear CO2 helps remove algae.
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CO2 helps plants out-compete algae. Without fish to gas, you can more or less crank that gas up, but after a certain point im sure you would be wasting a bit. Google "co2 drop checker."
Co2 does not inhibit algae nor do plants outcompete algae

Healthy plants defend and define the system with a sufficient biomass. Grow healthy plants and u wont have algae. Plants require much more nutrients than algae to survive. So there is no out competing.Algae would win that battle

The most effective way to measure co2 is to watch fish respirations and plant growth/health
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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