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CO2 and Discus

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I would like to know what bubble rate (roughly) of co2 you fellow discus keepers inject in your tanks? I know you should use a drop checker with 4dkh solution, and I am doing that, and that you should increase things slowly. Im doing that as drop checker is green, but not very green, and not greenish yellow by any means. Im about 2 to 2.5 bps now...I have good surface agitation and good circulation through the tank to disperse the co2 out of my rhinox2000. I also have a "Bio System Power Filter & Surface Skimmer 75" found here:

How often can I adjust my needle valve (taking things slowly) in order to get my drop checker greenish yellow or whatever its supposed to be at? Also do you guys back it down when pruning? and then increase it again in a week or so when things fill in more?

I felt like in the past, even when I tried to take things slowly that I may have gotten to a pretty high bubble rate, and my discus starting flashing on everything, and so I would back it back down....never any gasping at the surface, unless I didnt turn their airstone on at night, by accident:icon_roll :icon_redf

I dont have any evidence to prove that I did this, and messed them up that way in the past, but I would feel more confident if you guys were keeping high bubble rates without any issues with your discus?

Thanks very much....sorry for the book:redface:
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Sorry....also...anyone with a you use the bubble counter on the reg as your "rate" or the counter "in the rhinox"? I think Im way under 2 to 2.5 bps if im supposed to be using the counter in the rhinox?:eek5: :icon_eek:

Thanks again

Tell ya the truth I'm probably running about as much C02 as I dare. I've made a 5DKH solution which gives me a 40 PPM level and I'm on the high side of that... I run 4 wpg for 4 hrs a photo period and 2 wpg the rest with a 2 hrs off during the day. My discus have gotten use to these levels but I'm going to bring my levels back to 30PPM and leave it there once I install the new DIY reactor I made from Rex's post. Been trying to get more CONSISTENT levels and my current delivery system seems to be my weak link in my C02 system. again I've been trying for just a consistent level. My 6 juvies seem fine But my smallest one does flash every now and darkens up with higer levels which leads me back to my origanl statement about being at my upper limit at ^40 ppm the other Discus seem uneffected. My biggest obsticle is getting to 30 PPM as soon as my Lights fire up once thats put to rest...I'll rest easier. Here is a few picks of my guys/gals??

The last pic has a good shot of my little guy in the middle (been making some good gains of late though) He is the one that seems most effected by higher C02 levels....Hope this helps

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Thanks very much Troy:)

Your tank and your discus look beautiful!:)

Im going to try to bump my co2 up some tonight hopefully.....

My schedule for lights, co2 and airstone:

lights: 1pm-10pm
co2: 11am-9pm
airstone: 10:30pm-10am

Thanks again for your help, and the pics! They look great! I feel a lil better now about my rate, and about turning it up some:thumbsup:

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Well I bumped my co2 up some more last night....hopefully things are ok when I get home...I still dont think its a very high bubble rate

It would be nice to see a change in color on the drop checker tho

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