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For all of you using the Ista CO2 system that used the small 45 gram cartridges you can now use a paintball tank which only cost $5.00 to re-fill (or at least in the Midwest) and the parts only cost me $19.00 plus shipping and a little bit of Teflon tape.
1ea PPSP983, PPS Aluminum Flathead ASA Female 1/8 NPT
1ea REG014, 1/8" NPT - Rock/Micro Rock Nipple
When you attach the Ista regulator to the adapter make sure you don’t over tighten and deform the O-ring our it will leak. I used Teflon tape when I put the two adapters together. Then attached the regulator and then attached the whole assembly to the CO2 tank. I then checked it for leaks by dunking it in water which is where I found out that I over tightened it and deformed the O-ring in the regulator.
Not sure if this would work with the other regulators that use the micro cartridges but I don’t see why not.
Also this will only work for US paintball tanks It’s my understanding the European paintball tanks have a different thread.


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