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Clown's Twin 10 Gallon Caridina Shrimp Tanks

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So I just picked up a couple 10 gallon tanks from Petco. I will be starting a new project for these tanks. Both of these tanks will have Caridina shrimp. One will be a cull tank for my CRS that are breeding like crazy in my 20 gallon tank. Tank journal for that one can be found in my sig. The second one will be for Blue Bolts(Caridina cf Cantonesis)(Blue King Kongs). Each tank will have the same exact paramaters. I will be using Controsoil for both tanks to keep the PH where it needs to be. I will be remineralizing RO water with Salty Shrimp GH+. I already have the lights and filters. For the lights I have a Finnex stingray and for the other a Beamswork DA FSPEC. I will be dimming the FSPEC as these will be low tech and full light with the FSPEC is bound to bring too much algae. This has worked well on my 20 gallon CRS tank. The Stingray is already low enough that it should not cause issues. For the plants they will be low light low demanding plants that include Mosses, Ferns, and Buce's. For the filters I already have two AquaClear HOB's. One is a 50 and one a 70. They are fine as I can slow down the flow of them if need be. I was already using the 70 on my 20 gallon before I got the Fluval 206 for that. I will be using sponge guards for the intake's. The good thing about this project is I already have everything I need except for the Controsoil which I will be getting soon. So all I have now is a pic of the two tanks as nothing is setup yet. Once I get the Controsoil I will begin to cycle the tanks which should go pretty fast. I will use some media from my existing cycled tanks which will greatly speed up the process.

I cannot wait to get this going as it will help me keep my high grade CRS in my main 20 gallon and also will allow me to get some Blue Bolts which I have wanted for a long time.

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This is going to be a good thread I can tell :) How bright is the light? I'm doing almost the same thing you are but I have a dhl 6500k I was thinking about using. Was kind of worried it may be too much on the 10gals though.Im also going the low light route and only planning on mini pelia, some moss and maybe a flamino crypt or something.
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