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Cloudy Water

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I recently set up a 20g planted tank in early June with a very low lighting system. Since then I have upgraded to AH 55w lighting (about a month ago) and plant growth has recently boomed. However, about a week ago the water in the tank became very cloudy. I am a little confused on whether this is just part of the cycling process or some other problem. What should I do (if anything) to solve this problem? Am I experiencing effects from cycling, a reaction to the new lighting, or something else? Thank you.
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It could be green water due to the increased light. Take some water and put it into a white container to see if it is green water.
yes. i put it into a white container and it had a light green tint. what should my next course of action be?
You can do a blackout, diatom filtering, UV sterilization, or live daphnia.

Here's a site with some info on green water:
ok thanks. i think i'll go with the blackout method. how do i prevent it from coming back? is this the type of thing that will be reoccuring? should i boost CO2 after the blackout? would that work or are there any other things that could help me keep the water looking clear?
Something is out of balance. Stirring up the substrate too much can set one off if things aren't in balance. Your CO2 might need to be adjusted. Try the blackout.

I have a portable UV sterilizer. I bought it when I had a bout with green water and since I have 3 aquariums I figured I would always have it as a back up. It also can be used to kill parasites so it can be helpful in the event of an outbreak infecting your fish (preventing spread).
You can also just wait it out and it will do its course and then go away
Usually GW is the result of an ammonia spike.
Once you get your tank settled it shouldn't come back again.
You can also just wait it out and it will do its course and then go away
Ditto. It only takes a week or two. Like Turbosaurus said, it won't come back once your tank settles in. It shouldn't ever come back if your tank doesn't go through any big changes (bacteria die-off in the filter, lots more fish added, large plant dying and not being removed, etc.).
I agree, sounds like you had an ammonia spike and a bacterial bloom. GW is usually quick to follow. Reduce your photoperiod, do a water change, and a two day blackout should cure your problem (use a fine filter pad to trap it). Good luck
ok thanks for all the help!
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