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I've been using the JBL Manado substrate for quite some time now, after while i decided i wanted to keep shrimps. I have read that the substrate and shrimp don't mix, so i decided to remove all the substrate. Removing the substrate wasn't a problem and didn't suffer from any ammonia spikes or anything, but a few days later the tank just went all cloudy and has been the same ever since. I did a massive water change about a week ago, cleared for a day and slowly started going cloudy again. Does anybody know the reason why?

Is it because the bacteria that had settle in the substrate have no where to colonise as there is no room left in the filter or anywhere else? The tank has a bare bottom substrate.

Currently have a 13 gallon tank with an eheim 2213 classic filter. Water parameters are spot on.

The tank currently houses a couple of celestial pearl danios, an amano shrimp, 10+ RCS and 3 x CRS. They all seem to be in good health, moving around, eating, etc...
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