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Cloudy water issue

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Hi i reccently started a new 30 galon tank, i added all the right chemicals, to take away the chlorine and take away the cloudiness, this tank has been runing for about 4 days now, and i still notice the water is a bit cloudy still, i wanted to add more cheicals in the wate rto take the cloudiness away, but i have fish in it safe to add the chemicals in the water while the fish are in it. or shoul di take them out????
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...what chemicals did you add? I am assuming this is an uncycled tank, and I am hoping that the fish in question are sacrificial cycling fish. The water could be cloudy for many reasons. If it is a bacteria bloom, leave it alone, make sure there is enough surface agitation so that the fish can breathe. Probably goes under "milky water"

Don't add too many chemicals, you should probably only use a dechlor for right now.
well iwas told that i need to cycle my tank at least 4 days before adding anyfish, so thats what idid, and the chemicals i added, were to dechlorante the tank as well as this liqud chemical to help cycle the tank as well, and also somehting to clear cloudy water////so really i dont know why the water still seems a little murky, i thought it might have been some sediment or something seeing as i recently added so new plants and moved around a few things////
But what ireally want to know is, if i need to add more chemicals to the water, can i leave my fish in the tank?
Ok, well if you want to know that, you need to know what is going into your water. What are the names of the chemicals you put in to your tank? Not just generic names, because what some places sell as a "dechlorinator" might not remove chloramines. I am not sure who told you that the cycle only takes 4 days. A tank cycle takes several weeks to a month or more, depending on tank size and other factors. The only thing I can think of that you might have added to allow the tank to be cycled is Bio-Spira. In that case, you probably have a bacteria bloom, and you should not add more chemicals to the water. In general, I would advise not adding a lot of chemicals to the water. I cannot answer your question if you don't tell me what chemical you are adding.
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