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Hey everyone.

I have two established planted tanks currently experiencing cloudy, milky water.

Both are heavily planted and have been running just fine for the last 1-2 years. I’ve tested the water for both and have 0 ammonia, zero nitrites. And 5-10ppm nitrates.

Lately, my water has gotten cloudy right after a weekly water change. After 5-6 days, the water is for the most part, clear until the water change and then it gets cloudy again.

I do 50% water change for the 20 gallon because I dose ferts, run co2, and dose using the EI method. Plant growth is great. The tank is stocked with 6 guppies and 6 ottos. That’s it.

On the 10 gallon, I change 20% weekly because it’s heavily stocked with endlers and they’re constantly breeding. This weakened, I skipped the water change on the 10 gallon and the water is clear. I changed 50% of the water in the 20 gallon and it’s cloudy again.

In short, water change = cloudy water.

I’m not doing anything to disrupt the beneficial bacteria so I don’t think it’s a mini-cycle. Also, I use ADA Clear Water which removes phosphates and silicates and the water becomes crystal clear for a day or two before becoming cloudy again. What could this mean? It’s driving me absolutely insane!

I hope I provided enough info. Thanks in advance.
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