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cloudy water from ferts

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Can liquid micro dosing cloud you water a touch?
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Short answer? Yes.
nice, is it cloudy initially?
not usually....
usually its nothing you notice when you dose, then slightly cloudy, then more cloudy then OH GREEEN....
For me it has been that I dosed my macros and micros too close together. More so dosing CSM+B/Fe/Iron and kh2po4 together. Doing that can form Iron Phosphate and will make you water cloudy. Depending on the levels of phosphates in your water, you can normally avoid that by normal EI dosing. I actually dose both Macros and Micros on WC day about an hour apart to avoid iron precipitation with no ill effects. Not sure what you are dosing or what your tap water params are but, that would be my first guess. Test and see where your phosphates are. Then again, How much Fe/Iron/Micros are you dosing?


How are you dosing your Phosphates? How much and when? Do you test?

Just trying to help you troubleshoot...

nice, is it cloudy initially?
got it, will start troubleshooting, it started to get cloudy a day after my macro dosing, I am not talking very cloudy, just a shade, maybe some peopel wouldn't even notice.
Thanks guys!
A day after is not the same thing as cloudy right after adding it.
If it was not fully dissolved then it might cloud a little right away, then the cloudiness stops as the filter moves the water around and finishes dissolving the ferts.

In this case, with the cloudiness happening a day later, I think it is a growth response, algae as suggested by ReefkprZ or something else. Does this mild cloudiness go away?
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