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My first thought was the same as @Mark Fisher. What are your light settings like? mostly the times. But yes, the intensity too.

If you don't feel it's that, maybe increase water changes or reduce your fert doses by like half for a little while.

Algae occurs when there is an abundance of one type of nutrient. Sometimes more but at least one. Plants suck up nutrients in a consistent ratio. If there is too much of something, an algae will come in and start to feed on that nutrient. Same goes the other way, if the tank is lacking in one nutrient then the plants continue to use nutrients in the same ratio but the the amount they take in overall is reduced and limited by the lacking nutrient. Which then leaves all kinds of tasty treats left over for algae to thrive on.

Ultimately we would need more info to help you out here. Light regiment and intensity and as many test kit results as you can give us. Also a break down of the actual ferts you're using, not just that you're doing the EI method.

PS. I run mostly what I call mid tech tanks. I do some dosing of monophosphates and iron and some trace elements every so often. Literally end up doing one dose of something each week, the thing I feel it needs the most at the time just once per week. next week I dose something else. I run low co2 on just about all my tanks. I know I am not near the 1.0 pH drop so I don't even test for that or have the co2 fluid that changes colors. Anyway, it works. Just some food for thought. Lastly, I didn't see any plants in there that necessarily require full blown EI dosing. Though stem plants require good light exposure from my experience.

PPS. add some shrimp?

Good Luck!
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