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Close, but not quite where I want it to be with dosing and growth

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Here are the specifics
30 gallon tank has been up and running for about a year, with CO2 installed about 4 months ago.

Gravel substrate with osmocote root tabs every couple of months. EI dosing daily with Macro Micro blend mixed per directions and dosed at 2.5ml per day. The contents of the blend are listed below. 50% water change every week.

Marine Land LED running the length of the tank (42 LEDs) with an 8 hour on time. Fluval 206 cannister with stock bio media and floss. NO charcoal is used. The CO2 runs at a fairly high bubble rate. None of the fish are gasping for air and all of the plants pearly heavily. CO2 turns on about an hour before the lights turn on and turns off about an hour before they go off.

10 gold barbs, 6 kuli loaches, 5 oto cats, 1 pleco. MTS and ramshorn snails. Lots of plants (see pics). 1 Large amazon sword, 1 large set of wisteria, 1 large set of a tall thin val that blooms weekly. 1 large set of a small leaf stem plant (not sure what it is). 1 annubis that puts of 2-3 new leaves per week. 1 large set of dwarf chain swords and grow like weeds

I have explosive growth on everything except the dwarf lilies. I have to aggressively trim the plants every two weeks or the tank will be completely overgrown The dwarf lilies just kind of sit there and they look like they are missing something.

WHAT DO I NEED TO CHANGE? Not enough iron??

Macro Micro Nutrient MixMacro Micro Nutrient Mix
1 lb contains 1 equal part each of Potassium Nitrate, Potassium Sulfate, Magnesium Sulfate, Nutritrace CSM+B.
See mixing and dosing instructions in the FAQ's. Graduated dispenser is excellent tool for mixing and dosing this product.

Nutritrace CSM + BoronNutritrace CSM+B 1 lb, a micro nutrient mix,[censored]
See mixing and dosing instructions in the FAQ's. Chemical analysis found in more information and FAQ's. Graduated dispenser bottle is an excellent tool for mixing and dosing this product.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Total magnesium - water soluble chelated magnesium1.5%

Copper -chelated0.1%

Iron - chelated7.0%

Manganese - chelated 2.0%

Molybdenum 0.06%

Zinc - chelated0.40%


EDTA - minimum content65.4%

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It won't let me post the pics!,

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I have no idea I cut and pasted the chemical content from Aquarium Fertilizers website. The text looked fine when I posted it to the forum

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Hello Tlytle999

Perhaps the website contained some formating or tags that are not allowed by the forum software. You can edit your post and remove the censored tags( ">EDIT" button is bellow your post when logged in ). For me it is unclear what the page owner means by "1 equal part of each" ... by mass, by volume, grain number ??? Regardless, based on the interaction they had with Tom Barr, I will give the site the benefit of doubt and assume the mix is pretty true to EI.

You can use a image hosting website like flickr, photobucket etc. and include the images here. PM if you need help with that.

Moving on to the problem...(images would surely help)
You have a stable setup with good light and CO2. Almost all plants are growing except the dwarf lilies. Correct ?
What are the other plants present in there ? How are the lilies positioned? How deep are the plant burried ? Do you trim them as well ?
Any other problems ? Algae ? Plant melting ?

Thanks. I could use some help with the images. I uploaded one to Flickr, but it did not seem to import into tapatalk. Thanks
If slow growing anubia is putting out two to three new leaves a week,and chain sword are growing well,then this would not be a problem/issue for most.
Explosive growth reported by all plant's, indicates healthy plant growth all around.
Some aponogeton bulb type species can go dormant at varying times and resume growth after week's.
Dwarf species might not grow at rate or as tall as other non dwarf species.
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