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Clippard Mouse Solenoid

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So I am building a reg setup and have found the Clippard Mouse Solenoid to be appealing for my build. I am confused though on how the solenoid connects and what the manifold thing is and where to acquire the right solenoid with the manifold or whatever I need for it and there are 12v and 24v versions, which one is the one I'm looking for that works best?
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Check out links in betatail's signature - he has pictures and a ton of info there.

The solenoid comes with 10-32 female ports. You should be able to find the stainless steel connectors at any hardware store. These connectors can be a plus or a minus, depending in your views. 10-32 male to NPT 1/4" or 1/8" connector (that's what most people want) can be hard to find.

The manifold gives you 2 outputs. Betatail builds custom ones with 1/8' NPT connectors.

You can also get the manifold and 10-32 to npt connector directly from clippard but they charge a handling fee so if you have a small order the fee could essentially double the price on the pieces that you are buying
I like the Clippard solenoid but I am very careful about which I buy. You will have to do some study to find which fits what you want. On voltage, I only buy 12V as I like to use surplus/salvage power supplies I find at resale shops for $2. Usually there are many more items using 12 V than 24VDC. There are many who don't care and will buy 24V and don't mnd the higher price of a 24Volt supply. The Clippard uses so little power that almost any power supply of the right voltage will give plenty of milliamps to power them. Worth checking though.

For ports, I avoid those which use a manifold as it just adds to the bulk and I don't need the manifold when I can find them without. I keep parts to a minimum. Less trouble to find and less expense. The manifold fitting sticking out the bottom just complicates mounting for me. I like just simple screws in the bottom to attach it to an aluminum algle bracket if I want it mounted. I like the 2 port type but I will go for three port if it is "fully ported". When looking at them, the correct three port type will have a small pipe sticking out the top. You can easily seal this exhaust by adding a simple 10-32 screw in the pipe. If it looks like a salt shaker on top, I find no way to seal this exhaust and avoid them.
For fittings when I mount them, I don't use solid piping as it is too much trouble. I find 10-32 to 1/8 barb fittings are really cheap and easy to just run the tubing direct to the solenoid without the problems of solid piping. I do like to add just a bit of silcone or super glue to these joints to get a good gas seal. To find the 10-32 fittings, do a search using the term 10-32 and then the correct term seems to be "10-32 port adapter". I have never found a 10-32 to any size in the hardwares I use. I did find shops who sell halloween fright house supplies sell 10-32 to 1/8 NPT but the shoulders have to be filed down to fit into the Clippard ports.

I like this setup.
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Does a 24v consume more electricity and generate more heat than a 12v??
Same power used, just that there are far more items running on small 12VDC than on 24VDC. But then , the best answer for each is what he can find at the time. Computers and automation often use 24VDC but it often comes in big hard wire type packages rather than the simple plug-in "wall wart". Got a 24VDC power on hand,,, good deal!
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