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I picked up some pieces of Mazanita wood from BloomsAndBranches on Etsy for super cheap. The sandblasted pieces, while white when dry, take on a really pretty tan with black barring color when wet. Also this wood sank below the surface of my pool within hours and was sitting at the bottom of the deep end within one day, so easily water-logged.

However, the wood is very "twiggy" and both longer and straighter than I want. The twigs break off easy and look fine broken, I can hit any unnatural jagged edges with my sander (I don't have nor plan to get a sandblaster).

I think I will try to break some of the larger branches to make them smaller size (they range 1-2" in diameter) and create a conglomerate piece from the broken branches as I've seen some folks do. I don't think I want to cut them up as that doesn't look too natural. Anyone have a tried and true method of breaking up thick driftwood in a manner that looks natural?

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