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Posting here since this is a pretty local thing only and I'm not shipping any of it at this time.|

New Years sale to make some room in my garage.
1) must pick up in Santa Fe (Eldorado) now through Sunday.
2) Cash only. Prices are firm and non-negotiable (I self negotiated on your behalf to crazy low price already :p)

Custom acrylic tank, eurobrace, 36x15x16H"
Custom mahagony stand and shelf
Basic Tek 4x39T5 with misc bulbs.
Includes rock (I have lots of dry used and dry new rock to chose from)
Tank does have scratches (what acrylic tank doesn't?), but most disappear when water is added. Stand has some wear too.

Oceanic BC14 with stand
Current USA Sunpod HQI 70watt with misc bulbs (might be missing one AC adapter for one of the moonlight sets. I only ran the blue anyways and left the white off)
Oceanic Circ pump
13W AH Supply kit for center chamber fuge mod (through backside. A little ghetto, but worked great for me for chaeto)
Includes rock (I have lots of dry used and dry new rock to chose from)
Includes new sand if I can find it

basic 10g glass tank (never had a top) with basic black stand (Petsmart sort of thing. It's disassambled, or I'd take a pic)

ADA CO2 mini system
CO2 cylinder and green bacter are not included (some of the tubing has obviously been cut from when I used it)

I might have other stuff that I'll post later which may include: Elos system 70 sump, Elos system 70 skimmer, Eheim 1260 return, 20gal DIY Brute SW mixing setup (circulation plumbing and pump integrated into brute with line out) and who knows whatelse I find. Basically clearing all my extra gear and SW related stuff (I'm sticking with FW-planted)

Pics of available rock
Pics of tanks currently in storage
Pic of acrylic tank when it was brand new Creations.jpg
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