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Clear Red Melon/Amazon Sword Leaves?

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Hello! I'm Mikey and I'm new here :)

I have a question about my swords and anubias. I have an amazon and two red melons. When I got them they had lots of leaves and now, not so much. The new ones that do come in are clear, red and fragile on the red melon and my fish tare them to pieces. I recently got my amazon and those leaves come in clear, green, and fragile. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong :(.

My anubias don't like to grow new leaves at all. So I'm stumped. The rhizome on the little one turned yellow. I'm pretty sure that means it's on it's way out, correct?

The tank is 55 gallons. It has a sand bottom. My filters are a SUNSUN 9watt UV 525gph canister and an Aquaclear 70. I have a shop light for a light. It is a dual 4ft T8. I have a Hagen Power-Glo 18,000k and a Coralife Colormax.

Any advice would be awesome! Thanks :)
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Add tabs. They need root fertilization.
Okay :) I can pick some up tomorrow.

I can't add anything liquid like excel. My goldfish are sensitive to it.

Could a low gH be bad for them? It's extremely low (17ppm) and I have ultimate gH booster on its way in the mail.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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