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My GSI (Glass-Substrate Interface) got kinda mucky looking and I was trying to figure out an easy way of cleaning it without disturbing the substrate too much and without disturbing adjacent plants, especially relatively shallow rooted groundcover.

The "muck" was mainly some algae at the upper GSI, as well as compacted/crushed substrate powder (I have ADA Aquasoil). I thought about it for a bit and came upon a quick and convenient solution:

Equipment: one razor blade and one cheapie surgical clamp (I used a mosquito type clamp that I had lying around)

With the blade tightly clamped by the mosquito I pushed the blade edge down along the glass keeping it nearly parallel to the glass, applying light pressure against the glass. This slight angle allowed a high 1st pass scrape success rate (man, am I a geek or what). Not only that, but, after pushing the blade past the upper sustrate line, some new substrate fell into the gap between it and the glass. The result is a really completely new looking GSI as soon as you pull the blade straight back up. The nearby plants were basically unaffected.

Thought I'd share with those of you who have really mucky GSI's and have been trying to figure out a good way of cleaning it. For those who have a better method, please share!
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