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cleaning sms122

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hi guys

I want to give my probe a good clean, but I am unsure how.. and with what.

I was thinking of using chlorine, but then again..maybe chlorine isn't good for the probe.

I searched the forum, but all I found was a reference to an old post that doesn't exist anymore.

How do you guys do it?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts wife doesn't let me use poisonous chemicals in the house for anything, not even cleaning, so much less I don't use them on the animals:) She's got a degree in biology and is a Vet student, so I take her word on sense messing around with toxins if you don't have to.

We use vinegar to disinfect equipment and quarantine tanks, then let them dry out (in the sun is better, the UV kills stuff as well) and rinse off. Not toxic, does a good job. Even our LFS says they use vinegar to clean up equipment in between tanks and setups.

(ps what we use to clean the bathrooms is just straight white vineger in a spray bottle: it is an:

Aquatic Eco-System sells a pH/ORP Electrode Cleaning Solution, but you need deionized water and the storage solution too.

The directions for use:
-soak electrode in a portion of electrode cleaner for several hours
-rinse in deionized water and soak electrode in electrode storage solution for several hours before use
-the electrode cleaner solution contains pepsin, hydrochloric acid and water
-store solution in refrigerator
An old toothbrush seems to be all mine has ever needed.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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