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Hi all, been reading this forum for years and have gained so much knowledge from you all so would like to thank you all for that.
Sorry if I have posted in the wrong area, I wasn't sure where to post this.
I have a betta that currently has columnaris. I am treating but if she doesn't make it I would like to take the plants from her tank to put in my main tank. How would I go about cleaning/disinfecting them so I don't transfer columnaris to my main tank. I have hydrogen peroxide 3%, I also have a bottle of multi cure which contains malachite green, methylene blue and acriflavine. I also have some triple sulfa. Would any of these work to dip the plants or should I go buy some unscented bleach? I'm in Australia so my options are slightly limited in what I have access to. Thanks everyone.

Oh and the plants are just some anubias, java fern, crypt petchii and crypt wendtii.
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