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Cleaning Out BGA

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My 10g is just emerging from a blue-green algae bloom, so I'd like to write some about it.

One thing: I was able to rid my tank a long time ago by vacuuming the gravel to remove the mung.

1. You must provide correct water conditions for the plants to be growing well, otherwise the BGA will just come back. This includes adequate light, ferts, water parameters, and weekly 50% water changes.

2. Scrape the inside glass first - get as much out as you can. A smallish sponge type of thing from the pet store worked well for me.

3. I used a smaller sized vinyl tube (but bigger than airline) to suck up the BGA (7/16" OD 5/16" ID). Proceed until you reach a maximum of 50% of the water, then replace the water. If you don't get all of the BGA out it's ok, you can do another water change in a few days and get the rest. The water change and ferts will help.

4. I think it's a good idea to top up the tank with soft water, distilled water, or RO (reverse osmosis) water as needed.

Sunset Hygro is a fast growing plant that you can use to see the plant growth.

Thanks for reading. Corrections, comments, and additions are very welcome.
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