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Cleaning old siphon tubing...

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Ive tried looking for ways online, but all google gives me is how to clean your fish tank, or cleaning siphons for home beer brewing systems!
The old siphon i have has developed black/brown spots in it, and id like to remove them. Also, one of my newer ones had gotten a smell/taste so horrible it makes me not want to use it! I do suck on the end of this one, so i CAN taste this dead fish smell, though the a simple hose with the larger part on the end, no places for any debris to get stuck, and looks relatively spotless!
Is there anything i can do? A soak? Water changes have started turning my stomach!!!
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I have a great method for removing detritus from tubing (doesn't work with algae spots). simply fill the tube with water and cap both ends with your thumbs. Now do the monkey like johnny bravo and all the junk will just pour out.
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