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cleaning glass

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what do yall use to clean the glass? In side and out.
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what do yall use to clean the glass? In side and out.
I assume you mean when the tank is set up with fish and such?

I use a kent proscraper for the inside and a microfiber cloth for the outside.
I use a razor blade on the inside. For the outside I use vinegar and paper towels.
Inside:razor glass scraper. Light shields:vinegar. Outside walls of tank:damp towel/paper towel.
Loricariads for the inside, and a damp towel for the outside. Most of mine are soft water tanks so there is not a lot of mineral build up.
ok thanks for the tips yall, im sitting looking at my tank across the room and see that some of my plants are blurry
Plecos for the inside and window cleaner from the $1 store ...... im cheap !
I use a wide paint scraper from walmart. The razor blade does a better job but it takes too long for me. For the outside, I use a vinegar / water mixture. I use newspaper instead of paper towels though. Using newspaper to clean glass and mirrors doesn't smear or leave lint behind and you can get a year supply from one Sunday newspaper.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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