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Clean Or Replace Filter Inserts

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Recently bought my fluval vista 23g aquarium and I wanted to meticulously follow my Aqua Clear 50 instructions about changing the media (foam, activated carbon and biomax) when needed.

But after some searches I realized that changing something might hurt the tank by removing good bacteria. I understand now stores sell products to add to the tank when doing maintenance, to avoid ammonia peak.

So, I am not sure anymore what is the best thing to do. I read that some people just clean once in the while their filter inserts (with tank water), and they change them just when they fall appart. I also read some thread where people follow Aqua Clear guide and change the filter inserts. Some people even add their own filter pads to keep the bio max cleaner.

So, that is the question, what is the best approach to keep the tank healthy? I think it is really important because I`d like to have shrimps and everybody told be that they are really sensible to ammonia.
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Floss is that really fine white material that catches the finer debris. You can buy them in sheets/rolls on amazon and such. I used to use them but got tired of them clogging up so quickly. I just double up on the sponges myself. If you can find that dense yellowish filter sponge, that would be a much better option than filter floss. A sheet of that would last the lifetime of the tank easily.
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