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I've been battling Cladophora (course tough hair like green algae) for a while now. I can keep it minimized by physical removal and spot treatments, but it just does not seem to respond like other algae to treatments such as more water changes, careful use of ferts, and reduced light cycles.

I was researching to understand what this genus of algae needs to thrive. It appears to have been studied as nuisance algae in lakes. One striking piece of info is that some of the research shows explosive growth in the presence of vitamin B1 and B12. Cultures appear to yield anywhere from 2 to 5 times the algae, driven just by changing the concentrations of B vitamins. In addition, other research indicates many algae beyond Cladophora require some combination of B1, B7, and B12 vitamins (different combos for different species). I put in links at the bottom for this research.

Has anyone heard of this? In all my thread checking I have never seen mention of B vitamins.

I wonder if Spirulina flakes (what I feed) and other fish foods that are high in B vitamins, may contribute to the growth of algae. Maybe this is one of the missing links in the algae game?

Algae Need Their Vitamins†

Most harmful algal bloom species are vitamin B1 and B12 auxotrophs

The nutrition of Great Lakes Cladophora see pages 18-24

another link to the same paper
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