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Cichlid ID?

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Is this a black convict fry?


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A little hard to make sure without clearer pics, but I'm pretty sure it's usually known as the Lochness Monster.
ninety percent sure not a convict. Any rams around? No blue spots on convicts, I've seen.
Not a convict. It could be a young Hemichromis bimaculatus (Jewel Cichlid)

Any way to get a better pic?
Thanks for responses Mxx, PlantedRich, and burr740.

Sorry for the dark pics, I think it's a Jewel Cichlid, but the dorsal fin is the only thing slightly red.
Yeah they dont turn red until closer to maturity. The last male I had was 2 1/2 inches in body before he got much color. Then just like that, boom, practically overnight he was bright red all over. Females can also get bright red, usually when they are ready to breed. There are a few different sub species that are usually lumped together as the same thing by LFSs, all of which go about coloring up in slightly different ways. They can also turn back if they arent happy.
Where'd you get an unIDed cichlid fry? Do you have a mixed tank or something?
Definitely not a Jewell cichlid, it's for sure a baby Firemouth cichlid (Thorichthys meeki) the dark spot located on gill plate is a dead give away also the red line located on the dorsal fin combined with the spot on the gill plate. Here's a clear picture of baby Firemouth cichlids...

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