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Chrys' 5.5 gallon thread-new office tank

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Hello everyone. I've kept fish most of my life, but didn't know much about what I was doing until I was in college and got access to the Internet around 1995. I began reading like mad, and learned how to provide my fish much better homes. I also learned about planted aquariums, thanks to the old APD, and have been hooked since. I got into compressed CO2, etc, for a few years, but I've been moving away from high tech, high maintenance this last year or two. While my 55 gallon isn't going to win any aquascaping awards, everyone seems quite healthy, which is the important bit.

I've been wanting to set up a small aquarium at the office for a while now, and I decided to go ahead and do it! It's been helpful to read threads on this forum to gather information. At the end of this week, I will be going on vacation for two weeks, so I will wait until then to add fish, but I thought I would share the basic setup and ask a few questions now.

This is after the initial setup. Everything still stands to be tweaked. I hope to have a low-maintenance little tank in the end. At the moment, I have Java Fern, Java Fern Windelov, Wisteria, and one small Wendtii Crypt. I'm undecided whether I should keep the Wisteria long-term, but wanted stem plants initially to compete against algae. What do you all think of the rocks?

I might be interested in adding some other small low-light plants. I'd appreciate suggestions, and I'll keep reading old threads. I have clown loaches in my 55 gallon tank at home, so the carpet-of-plants look hasn't been achievable. I might be interested in trying that in this little tank

The only inhabitants so far are two Malaysian Trumpet snails that I threw in. I might add a few more snails, maybe a couple of ghost shrimp. When it comes to fish, I'm a bit undecided. I have a number of Cherry Barbs at home in the 55 gallon, so I could bring a couple of those. I've also considered some small tetras perhaps. I saw a tank of bumblebee gobies in the store and was entranced, but then I read that they are finicky eaters who need a brackish tank, etc. So, I might try bumblebees one day, but I don't think they are what I want for an office tank.

I could use some advice on the aquascape, as my usual style is "patches of weeds."
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What do you all think of neons for this setup? Cute little fish that I've never kept. Perhaps Pristella tetras? Microrasboras would be cool, but I would have to mail order them.
I would suggest getting at least 1 more large rock and create some sort of focal point with it. Then the usual taller plants in back, lower plants up front
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