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Plants are grown in a High Tech 20 gallon Long dirted with High Light, EI dosing and CO2. I have snails!
2-3x Christmas Moss - I'll give a tennisball size clump I think there are some fissidens strands in there too, but I wont fish them out. $10ea
1x Subwassertang - Tennisball size clump - $5ea[/STRIKE]
1x Star Grass (Heteranthera zosterifolia) - maybe one more stem. Theyre rooted. $5ea
1x Dwarf four leaf clover (marsilea minuta) - carpet plant. like 2-3 strands of plants. $5ea
3x Rotala sp Green - $5 for3-4 stems

$7 Ship USPS Priority 1-3 days USA.
OR $50 Shipped for the lot.
Please mind your weather. I'm in CA.

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