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Up for sale is some really healthy and green mosses. The moss is attached to a 4 inch by 2 inch stainless steel mesh that will keep the moss wherever you place it. All the mosses are larger than the screens since they have been growing this way for a few months. The moss is thick and would be a great addition to any shrimp tank (one guy uses it for his killies and they love it). Absolutely zero algae. I do have some ramshorn snails so a few hitchhikers is a possibility.

I have 5 regular peacock mosses and one screen that is about 90% Christmas and 10% Peacock (I was doing some experimenting and have this odd one).

When you purchase from me I can walk you through the care and maintenance to keep the moss healthy. Unfortunately I do not have time to answer the ton of PMs about growing the moss if you are not purchasing.

$20 each or $15 each when you purchase 3 or more.


This is the one that is mostly Christmas with some Peacock in it (came from a separate tank):

All the Peacock moss came from a tank that only houses Peacock Moss so 100% true:

Two forum members' tanks with the newly purchased moss:

Thanks Jerry (gbhil)

Thanks Michael (MPschenck)

...and a new tank that I am just setting up. Threw this in last night.

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