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I am new to this forum, hello... have done much lurking, reading many informative posts, but this is first time I've needed to ask a question. I just received some snails for my freshwater tank, I had ordered two chopstick snails, but what I received doesn't look like any pictures I've seen of chopstick snails.

Can anyone here help me identify these snails? They are a beautiful carbon black color, about 1 1/4" long... they are shaped like an ice cream cone...

From images I have seen, chopstick snails have orange yellow type flesh, and what I can see of this snail so far, it's dark in color...

UPDATE - today I stumbled across a site selling black devil snails, they look similar to mine... I am not very familiar with snails beyond common ones... I'm fairly new to fishkeeping, or actually shrimpkeeping, the snails are for my red cherry shrimp tank. I was looking for a substrate snail that won't breed. The black devil snail is also a substrate snail, but it gets bigger than the chopstick snails I ordered. Again, not sure what my snails are, though - and apparently neither does the dealer I bought them from, lol. I had stumbled over a post at another forum from someone who had bought chopstick snails and received something totally different (but his were not at all like the ones I received), sounded as if they were purchased from the same place I had bought mine.

Any help would in identification be appreciated... thanks in advance...


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