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Choosing fauna

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I have decided to get a larger tank, I have a 10gal that has been going for 2.5 years, and I'm thinking of a 29gal (it will fit nearly perfectly on my stand). Right now I have some shrimp and a ridiculous number of snails (malaysian trumpet snails and assassins).

Thinking about the new tank, I find I'm thinking about plants and the basics of choosing substrate, lighting, etc. But my husband asked what kind of fish I want, and I drew a blank. In the 10gal, I had a betta, and occasionally some guppies. I've never had any other type of fish.

So, if you had a blank slate of a 29gal, taking into consideration there are shrimp, what would you choose?

A single group of one species? Smaller groups of different species?

Its funny, I've forgotten all about the 'fish' part of the fish tank! I'm going to an auction put on by the local aquarium society in a couple weeks, where I'll be watching for a tank, equipment, plants and of course fish (although usually its mostly cichlids which I'm not so interested in). So I have plenty of time to make some choices. But I do think I'd like to break out from the bettas and guppies (although this 10gal may just end up with a betta in my sons room, shh!).
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