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chocolate Gouramis! Where to get them??

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Looking for about 6 true chocolate gouramis. This is one species I haven't kept and would like to buy some for my planted tank. anyone know who has any?? shipping is not a problem.

Thanks, john
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Check out some local stores and see if they ever carry them/can order them in. Those are not fish I would have shipped to me.
+1 try and have a LFS bring them in. Very sensitive, I would be worried about getting a low number shipped. From talking with my LFS when they get them in they usually have some die off. Anywhere from 20-75%. Apparently varies by the batch? Either way it will leave you with hardier fish in the end. I hope you find some! They are great little fish :)
I've seen them at most all of my lfs out here, including box chains like petco and petsmart

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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