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Chocolate gourami tankmates

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Are chocolate gouramis okay living solitarily? I got one for my 15 gallon tank a bit over a week ago at an LFS and it is doing well, actively exploring the tank. The only other fauna in the tank are two amano shrimp and ramshorn snails. Will it be necessary to get more chocolate gouramis or some other type of fish (something small like Boraras) to keep it company?
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It will do fine by itself. They will hide around active fish. You will see it explore the tank more by itself. Other chocolate gourami would be the best tank mates. Do you know if you have a male or female?
will chocolate gourami eat my crs and cherry shrimps?
I'm not really sure as to the gender. How does one sex them? Mine is a sub-adult.

From observing mine, I'd say that adult shrimp would definitely safe, and shrimplets would probably be safe too. It eats very deliberately and even hesitant to attack live brine shrimp. However mine is only a sub-adult so its behavior may change as it gets older.
The male has a white/yellow border along its lower fin. The female doesn't. Generally it's one male to three females. The males are aggressive towards each other just like all gourami. They have very very small mouths and I think they would be too timid to go after shrimp.
I had 3 and they definitely went for the baby RCS/Rilli, pretty cool to watch though as their mouth "pops" out. They did not bother the adult shrimps at all. Their tank mates were various tetras/CPDs/otos and they all got along.
Is there any difference between chocolate gourami and dwarf gourami aside from the color?
Is there any difference between chocolate gourami and dwarf gourami aside from the color?
The chocolate gourami is a lot more sensitive to water conditions than the dwarf gourami, and will not do well in a community tank unlike the dwarf gourami. Chocolate gouramis are a lot shier and more deliberate in their behavior than dwarf gouramis.
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