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Chinese Algae Eater with Gold Head?

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So several months ago I bought three "Chinese algae eaters" from petco. As they got older two of them formed the heads of golden algae eaters. Is it possible that they are hybrids? Is this common?
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What I've seen called golden algae eaters are just a different color form of chinese algae eaters, same species.
Yeah, they are the same species. Fish stock at the big pet stores usually aren't that pure in the genetics department so it is probably just some partial expression of the albinism gene.
I bought two of these about a year ago. One bullied the other to death, then he, im guessing he, started turning golden. It started with his head and worked its way down the rest of his body. Right now he is reversing that and starting to develop brown patches again. Maybe some squid genes in there.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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