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Chicago Ornamental Shrimp Society EVENT this SATURDAY Nov 11th

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Chicago Ornamental Shrimp Society EVENT this SATURDAY Nov 11th. COSS will be having its next event on this Saturday, Nov 11th. We will also be having a HUGE Giveaway Raffle to kick off the new season !!! One lucky person will win an entire demo shrimp setup and others will win a variety of items from our sponsors or shrimp. We will have a presentation on Shrimp Care Basics and then complete a demonstration on how to setup the tank, which will be perfect for Neocaridina or Tiger shrimp. If you live near Chicago then come check out COSS on facebook or our website. Home - Chicago Ornamental Shrimp Society


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There's an event (as in, raffle/BBQ get together) in Marysville, CA. It's nothing like the show, however... just a get together of like minded folks.

The event in Chicago is pretty big! Some of the big names in shrimpers will be there! And there will be some nice shrimp, too! Unfortunately, I wont be able to make it...
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