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I need to rescape my 20 gallon tank so selling off ALL of these! CLEARANCE PRICE!

1. HUGE Plant package ([STRIKE]2 available[/STRIKE] SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!!). WARNING! You might want to give away some because I will send you A LOT!

15-20 stems of bacopa australis
2-3 golf balls of java moss
2 golf balls of riccia
4 crypts wendtii sp. Indonesia
5-7 HUGE stems of ludwigia repens
8-10 stems hygrophilia corymbosa

EXTRA-Tons of extra stems of whatever I can pull out from my tanks
Some stems might have green or black beard algae, which I throw in as extras. You can salvage them or give them away.

2. Cherry shrimps CLEAR OUT!

35+ for $35 SHIPPED!

These have genes of Fire Red and Rili so offspring are Cherry or better. Ranging from juvies to adults.

Will be shipped in Kordon breather bag with foam insulation. I don't have a heat pad so please mind your weather. I have never had DOA so far!

3. Riccia - PENDING!!! plates ~ 5" diameter

$10 each + $6 shipping = $16 shipped
or buy both for $26 shipped + a golf ball of java moss for free.

4. Fissiden fontanus - PENDING!!! - clean and green. Shipping is $6 no matter how many you buy. I'll be generous on portion size.

$7 a golf ball size
$13 a x2-golf ball size

Please mind your weather. I 'll try my best to insulate, but I am not held responsible for damage due to weather or delay/loss due to USPS. However, I will try to help you out as much as I could if such cases happen.


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