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Cherry Shrimp

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I have kept these in the past, but they have died from a GBR I used to have. I am thinking about getting them again, 3 for the moment(3 for 15$, I can wait to get more). My only question is, is that I have a number of bottom dwellers. My two otos, stay under a big piece of driftwood(look in the Photo Album forum to see my tank, Smalltank3's 10g Planted tank), except come out every once in a while on the glass, the two pygmy cories move around but they are very small and are sometimes hard to find, and my SAE is almost every where all the time lol. So I was thinking if I could start out with 3 Cherry Shrimp with the bottom dwellers that I have now. I've heard they breed like rabbits so I'm thinking of just getting 3 for now; if I can.

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3 for the moment(3 for 15$, I can wait to get more).
$5 each? Oh wow, that's pretty steep for RCS. Try buying from here on the forum or try for pretty sweet deals on RCS. They're constantly for sale on there and a lot of reasonable prices too.

As for the fish, i'll let someone that actually houses them fish answer your question but i know the otos won't give a toot about the RCS.
Yeah, I know. I'm in the process of talk to T_om.
Good to here that you have decided to try RCS again:D Of the fish you mentioned I think you might have problems with the SAE as they may actively hunt small baby shrimp. You can solve this problem by getting all female shrimp so you don't need to worry about them reproducing. Best wishes and hope it works out well for you:icon_mrgr
Yeah, I would definitely get the shrimp from someone here or online... price = MUCH MUCH cheaper! I got 20 for $30 from DiabloCaine!

I personally would get rid of the SAE, but that's meh.

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